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“The present and the future belongs to the skilled, to the agile and to the resilient, this is what Future Fit is all about”


- Bernard Salt AM, The Demographics Group

Top #5 Australian Business Books

Winner, Australian Business Book of the Year

Winner, Best Personal Development Book

Finalist, Australian Career Book Awards

Finalist, UK Business Book Awards



Award- winning author, Andrea Clarke, shares her experience, expertise and tactical advice on how to become truly Future Fit.


“The future of work is here and it’s about talent – your talent. It's about upgrading our human skills because they’re landing differently in a hybrid environment,” says Clarke.  “These skills are powerful differentiators in a dynamic and demanding new workplace.”

Using her experience from a vibrant and varied career, Clarke explores the eight ‘real skills’ we need for the 2020’s: Reputation Capital, Adaptability, Communication, Networking, Creativity, Problem-solving, Leadership and Learning.

A former Washington D.C. news reporter, Iraqi humanitarian aid worker and EdTech pioneer, Clarke founded FutureFit Learning in 2012 – a business that trains emerging leaders to accelerate these core competencies. The Future Fit Leader Program, adapted from this book, is delivered into major Australian businesses and multi-national organisations.

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